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Explosion and Shock Waves

ISSN 1001-1455 
Organizer: zhong guo li xue xue hui si chuan sheng li xue xue hui zhong wu yuan liu ti wu li yan jiu suo  
Publisher: bao zha yu chong ji bian ji bu  
Description: Explosion, the area of professional academic journals. To reflect the explosion and engineering disciplines, such explosions the latest scientific research and promote academic exchange, promoting China's explosive, anti-knock and explosive safety industry. Concerning the detonation, combustion, shock wave, air blast, underwater explosions, rock explosion, explosion-driven, high-speed collision, dynamic high-pressure technology, the dynamic properties of materials, explosion processing, blasting, blast resistant structures and design, laser and particle beam kinetic energy density, calculation methods and experimental techniques, explosive devices, explosive safety technology and other aspects. In the main audience for the explosion physics, explosive rock, engineering and equipment science and technology aspects of explosive people, members of engineering staff and college students. Contents and abstracts in English. (Translated by machine.)