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Packaging World

ISSN 1003-9929 
Organizer: zhong guo bao zhuang ji shu xie hui zhe jiang sheng bao zhuang ji shu xie hui shi jie bao zhuang zu zhi ya zhou bao zhuang zhong xin  
Publisher: bao zhuang shi jie bian ji bu  
Description: "Packaging World" magazine is the director of Zhejiang Economic and Trade Commission, China Packaging Federation, Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, the World Packaging Organization hosted the Asian packaging center, is the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization guidance publications, the Chinese packaging core journals. Founded in 1986, domestic public offering is only a reflection of Zhejiang Province, packing, printing, design, open publications, is the industry's understanding of industry trends, the market dynamics, Expo trade information, learn about the latest practical technologies good helper. "Packaging World" magazine is willing to cooperate with the community, hand in hand. Readers: packaging industry, packaging, printing, packaging design, chemical, food, medicine and other related industries managers, technicians, business people, institutions and covers the design of packaging machinery, printing, engineering, electronics, technology, professional division students. Main sections: policy interpretation, the industry dynamics (reflected in the latest packaging industry at home and abroad markets, methods, requirements, development, trends, research and so on.), Packaging Forum (exploring all aspects of the industry status quo, development, and initiatives.), Information alerts, corporate culture, character style, Beat spectrum (figure deeds brief report, the enterprise brief introduction), industrial R & D (reported new products, new technologies, new patents, new applications), paper Clippings (including engineering, application, management, design art, design work), art appreciation. Media Advantage: As the Asian packaging center in the World Packaging Organization guidance publications, packaging core journals of China, Zhejiang Province, only a packaging magazines, journals 20 years deep impact in the packaging industry. In order to better serve enterprises, to respond to market demand, active throughout the country and autonomous regions, municipalities, provinces and packaging Association, based in Zhejiang, and the national and foreign issues market, the stage of enterprise media coverage, subscriber access to information is a good helper . Mailroom and running the way for release distribution. Domestic issue: the post office across the country can subscribe Youfadaihao :32-78. Overseas Distributor: China International Book Trading Corporation, the foreign Youfadaihao: BM2680. Self-management issue (direct subscription): The post office transfer the money to "Packaging World" magazine, or bank transfer in two ways, with regular subscription invoice, to avoid postal charges, the annual price of 96 yuan. "Packaging World" magazine, contact: Awake: Drum fifth Kui Lane 99-1, Hangzhou Zip: 310002 Tel (0571) 85330153 Fax: (0571) 85330821 Received mail: bzsjbjb@163.com; bzsj18 @ yahoo. com.cn (Translated by machine.)