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Journal of Baotou Medicine

ISSN 1007-3507 
Organizer: bao tou shi yi xue xin xi yan jiu suo bao tou shi yi xue hui  
Publisher: bao tou yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Baotou Medicine" magazine founded in 1977, is the director of the Municipal Health Bureau from Baotou, Baotou Medical Science and Technology Information Institute and Baotou Medical Association sponsored the open publication of foreign national professional medical journals. International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1007-3507; national unity ISSN: CN15-1171 / R. Articles focus on dissemination of new theory, the exchange of new medical technologies, clinical practice and new methods of reporting, medical and health fields reflect the new developments and new achievements and disease control and health management experience and technology. Readers are mainly engaged in basic medical research, clinical practice, public health researchers, technicians and management personnel. Publication by the Chinese Academic Journal (CD) contains full text, by the Chinese core journals (selection) database, the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database Source Journals, China Academic Journal Full-text indexed biomedical literature database in China, Chinese Medical Journal Databases source journals, and has text included in the "Articles - Digital Periodicals." 2007 "Baotou Medicine" magazine in the ten provinces and cities from the north of Press and Publication Bureau of the Second Northern Journal Award, won the "outstanding Series" award. Publication in the course of 30 years of development, always adhere to the practical, readable and innovative as the journal's purpose, focus on academic standards and editing, publishing quality. Published in the journal is a scientific research project, appraisal, promotion of title, a valid basis for performance evaluation. Articles with clinical research, clinical practice, anti-insurance practice, Chinese medicine, drug clinic, nursing practice, case treatment, short reports, hospital management, review, advertising (Advertising License No. 1502005000211), and other columns.  (Translated by machine.)