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Journal of Bingtuan Education Institute

ISSN 1009-1548 
Organizer: bing tuan jiao yu xue yuan  
Publisher: bing tuan jiao yu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: The publication Xinjiang Institute of Education, Teachers College Shihezi University sponsored a comprehensive theory newsletter. Corps unit in charge of the Board of Education. Founded in March 1991, formerly known as the "Silk Road Science." February 1999 of a nationwide public offering, title "Corps College of Education." Of May 1995 and won best of Education. Purpose of the magazine: four cardinal principles, principle of double hundred. Emphasis on basic theoretical research, teaching and research to actively reflect the College to promote academic exchanges, scientific and cultural prosperity. Based in Xinjiang, Education Corps, the Corps education, research, autonomous regions and types of schools at all levels of education and teaching corps practice, promoting educational reforms and development. Geographical advantage to play, pay attention to highlight the local characteristics of, for Western cultural, political, economic, philosophical attention. Main sections: ancient Silk Road, the Corps study, basic research, higher education and secondary education teaching and research. Teachers with more than 400 primary and secondary institutions and the establishment of Xinjiang, more than 200 academic exchange relations. Institute to promote the improvement of education quality, promoting Xinjiang Corps, the development of educational reform, prosperity, academic, education, culture, played an active role. (Translated by machine.)