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Converter Technology & Electric Traction

ISSN 1671-8410 
Organizer: bian liu ji shu guo jia gong cheng yan jiu zhong xin zhong guo nan che ji tuan zhu zhou dian li ji che yan jiu suo  
Publisher: bian liu ji shu yu dian li qian yin bian ji bu  
Description: "Converter Technology & Electric Traction" is the change of National Engineering Research Center and the Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute jointly sponsored a public offering of domestic and industrial technology science journals (International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1671-8410, national unity Journal No.: CN43-1388 / U), founded in 1978, its predecessor is "electric traction Express", has been income of Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database, Wanfang database. As reported at home and abroad traction power converter technology and latest research results, tracking trends in the development of related technology major publications, adhering to the reports in a timely manner, advanced technology, glossy publication features for our inverter technology and electric traction areas of development. Readers are mainly engaged in converter technology, power transmission and control automation research and development scientists, business leaders and managers and the relevant professional colleges and students, industry and traffic (including rail transport, urban rail transit , electric vehicles, etc.), electric power, metallurgy, mining, military and so on. In order to adapt to the times and technology, publication of the new Editorial Board hired three Chinese Academy of Engineering, two foreign scholars, experts and famous type of university professors, leaders of various industry experts as consultants and members of the Editorial Board, international editorial board composed of the same time, reported in 2006 were a major focus and adjust the columns, increasing the converter technology strength and depth of coverage. Main sections include: Review and comment on converter technology, motor and electrical, materials and devices, applications and energy saving, green energy, electromagnetic compatibility, electric traction, electric vehicles, new technologies, published articles, including book draft, and draft translation Compile draft. (Translated by machine.)