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Journal of Baoji University of Arts and Sciences(Natural Science Edition)

ISSN 1007-1261 
Organizer: bao ji wen li xue yuan  
Publisher: bao ji wen li xue yuan xue bao zi ran ke xue ban bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is sponsored by the Baoji University of Arts and Science Integrated Research Quarterly, its predecessor was founded in March 1979 of the "Teachers of Baoji," its present name in 1993, 1995 public offering. Has been the United States MR, CMP, MathsciNet, CA, Germany ZBL, such as Russia Pж Journal of international search system as your source, and has been included in the domestic variety Digest magazine as the object, "China Academic Journal (CD)" "China Journal", Wanfang Data included the full text and other media journals. Shaanxi Province in 2000, first prize of outstanding scientific journals in 2001, the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Award category featured journals, periodicals matrix is double-effect journals. This publication published in mathematics, physics, chemistry and chemical engineering, geography and environmental science, electronics and electrical technology, mechanical engineering, computer science and related fields of academic research papers. (Translated by machine.)