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Journal of Beijing University of Technology(Social Sciences Edition)

ISSN 1671-0398 
Organizer: bei jing gong ye da xue  
Publisher: bei jing gong ye da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is sponsored by the Beijing University of Social Science Research Quarterly. It universities for teachers, graduate students and researchers in relevant research institutes, focusing on social science research to show the new century, the characteristics of humanities, reflecting the science, engineering, literature, cross, penetration and integration, the main issue of social, political, economic, cultural, education, academic papers and research reports. Articles focus on academic and innovative, inviting and practical measures of academic achievement, to encourage the exchange of different academic perspectives and discussion, to promote academic literary styles, so that both subject and readability, adhere to two for, two hundred policy efforts to Beijing and the surrounding region's economic, social and cultural services. (Translated by machine.)