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Journal of Beijing International Studies University

ISSN 1003-6539 
Organizer: bei jing di er wai guo yu xue yuan  
Publisher: bei jing di er wai guo yu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Was approved by the General Administration of Press and Publication, director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing International Studies University sponsored public offering in domestic and international social science journals, including six travel edition (issued monthly) and six foreign languages (bi-monthly issue of .) "Beijing International Studies University" (Travel Edition) from the perspective of multiple disciplines to explore the field of tourism research and tourism management in the basic theory, frontier areas and important practical problems, tourism enterprises, tourism and related industries institutions and students the management of important books. The main part of the tourism industry, tourism theory, tourism policies and regulations, hotel management, travel management, resource development and management, product and market development, tourism and cultural, tourism impact studies, tourism education and exhibition economy. 2004 and 2005 Information and Data, "Tourism Management" papers reprinted the number of our journal in tourism research journals in the top. "University" (Foreign Language Edition) by school subject language dominance as the basis, tracking development of linguistic theory at home and abroad, introduces the latest developments in foreign language teaching, translation and literature of the theory and practice, for the majority of foreign language teaching workers to learn about the front window of disciplinary development, released the latest scientific research platform. Foreign language including language teaching, linguistics, translation studies, foreign literature, cross-cultural research section.  (Translated by machine.)