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Beijing Surveying and Mapping

ISSN 1007-3000 
Organizer: bei jing shi ce hui she ji yan jiu yuan ; bei jing ce hui xue hui  
Publisher: bei jing ce hui bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is a practical, future-oriented, informative, distinctive characteristics, financial technology, information, and production as one of the scientific journals, not only the majority of workers in the Learning Center of Surveying and Mapping and surveying and mapping technology and to understand the market dynamics window. Journal of science and technology are primary productive forces as a guide to promote scientific and technological achievements into productive forces as the goal to promote and implement the Party's line in the surveying and mapping technology, principles, policies and local laws and regulations for the purpose of Beijing, in close connection with the production, management, research, teaching, technical and academic exchanges, introducing reform experience in mapping, surveying and mapping community for the distribution of high and new technology information to provide a full range of services. (Translated by machine.)