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North Sericulture

ISSN 1673-9922 
Organizer: xi bei nong lin ke ji da xue  
Publisher: bei fang can ye bian ji bu  
Description: Publication to carry out academic exchanges, promote sericulture (oak) for the purpose of production, based on the north, facing the country, published sericulture papers, research presentations, industry and technology exchanges to explore the article, published in History of Sericulture, Culture Directory, introduced sericulture new results, new products, reports North Sericulture Technology News and Information. Columns are reviewed, experimental research, technical discussions, industry, exploration, experience exchange, silkworm culture, history, and information services. Readers on all fronts for the sericulture science and technology workers, industry executives and rural sericulture (oak) production technology. Posted domestic types of advertising. (Translated by machine.)