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Chinese Journal of Virology

ISSN 1000-8721 
Organizer: zhong guo wei sheng wu xue hui  
Publisher: bing du xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: The contents of this publication are human and animal viruses, plant viruses, insect viruses, phage and virus basic theoretical research and applied research in the new achievements, new progress. Readers as virology, microbiology, immunology and other areas of virology research and teaching workers and medical workers. The core of natural science journals. In foreign countries is MEDLINE, MEDLARS database, "Chemical Abstracts" CA, "Biological Abstracts" BA Journal and other sources in China is "Chinese Science Abstracts", "Chinese Medical Digest", "China Biological Medicine Digest" and other sources Education. Has joined the China Journal Net, Articles Digital Periodicals and other networks. On the main columns, newsletters, review, review, and information. (Translated by machine.)