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Journal of Safety and Environment

ISSN 1009-6094 
Organizer: bei jing li gong da xue zhong guo huan jing ke xue xue hui zhong guo zhi ye an quan jian kang xie hui  
Publisher: an quan yu huan jing xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication of security and environmental studies academic bimonthly, published mainly in petroleum, chemical, ecological, environmental, mining, information, networking, metallurgy, construction, transportation, exploration, defense and other fields related papers. The purpose of the magazine publication: the exchange of safety and environmental aspects of the latest research results, development of safe and environmental science and technology, fostering safety and environmental research team, in China and worldwide industrial safety and environmental protection services. Articles main audience: scientists and research institutes related, related to teachers and students of colleges, government departments, management and policy makers, industrial enterprises and technical personnel and management staff. Journal special attention to graduate students and Research. (Translated by machine.)