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Journal of Anqing Teachers College(Social Science Edition)

ISSN 1003-4730 
Organizer: an qing shi fan xue yuan  
Publisher: an qing shi fan xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is sponsored Anqing Teachers College, published in academic journals of scientific research papers, minutes Social Sciences and the Natural Science two. SOCIAL SCIENCE founded in October 1982, 1985 public offering, from the quarterly to bimonthly in 1999. The journal for teachers and students of liberal arts college, liberal arts and social sciences and secondary school teachers; mainly publishes philosophy, economics, law, political science, literature, linguistics, history, education, management and other aspects of research articles; key columns and features part of "Deng Xiaoping Theory", "Teacher Education and Basic Education", "Chen Research", "Wanjiang cultural studies" and so on. Natural Science Founded in October 1982, 1995 public offering. Science journal for college teachers and students, natural scientists and secondary science teachers; mainly publishes mathematics, physics, chemistry, computers, resources, environment, research articles. "Anqing Teachers College," Social Science Edition has been published 87, was the influential newspaper Zhuanzhai digest 294 (incomplete), 2001 was Zhuanzhai 21, Normal Universities in the country ranked 31 , ranking first in the province of similar institutions. Natural Science has been published 48, many articles are "Chemical Abstracts", "Physics Abstracts" Excerpts. (Translated by machine.)