Amino Acids and Biotic Resources 2015 Issue 4 High Valuable Natural Products in Microalgae and Discovery Strategies
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Amino Acids and Biotic Resources
2015 Issue 4
High Valuable Natural Products in Microalgae and Discovery Strategies
HU Guangrong;FAN Yong;LI Fuli;Single-Cell Lipid Engineering Laboratory;Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Progress on Extraction of Rice Bran Protein by Bio-enzymatic Method
CHEN Fei;CHEN Panpan;XIAN Mo;WANG Jianxun;Qingdao Institute of Biomass Energy and Bioprocess Technology;Chinese Academy of Sciences;College of Chemical Engineering;Qingdao University of Science and Technology;
Research Progress of Polysaccharide Modifiers and Their Anti-tumor Mechanisms
WANG Xiaolu;JI Chenfeng;Center of Life Science and Environmental Science;Harbin University of Commerce;Engineering Research Center of Natural Antineoplastic Drugs;Ministry of Education;
Breeding and Application of High-Yielding Strains of Lysine
FU Ling;ZENG Liming;LI Xinguo;Science College of Jiangxi Agricultural University;Hunan Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine;
Study of the Antioxidation of Total Flavonoid from Mori folium on Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rats
CAI Zhihui;YIN Li;Faculty of Basic Medicine;Luohe Medical College;
Effect of Compound High Branched Chain Amino Acids on Liver Function and Nutritional Status of Rats with Cirrhosis
YOU Juan;Laboratory Department;Wuhan Medical Care Center for Women and Children;
Study on Phenol Degradation by A High-Salt-Resistant Strain of Candida tropicalis
ZHANG Fuyuan;LI Xiaoyan;College of Life Sciences;Wuhan University;
Simultaneous Removal of Inorganic Nitrogen from Aquaculture Water by Rhodopseudomonas palustris CQV97
ZHANG Xiaobo;ZHU Bitong;XIONG Hui;ZHAO Chungui;YANG Suping;Department of Bioengineering and Biotechnology;Huaqiao University;
Cloning and Phylogenetic Analysis of Polyrhachis vicina Ecdysone Receptor Encoding Gene
ZHAN Guangjie;HUANG Fajun;XIAO Benjian;Medical college;Hubei University for Nationalities;
Study on Leaf Shape Variation and Total Flavonoids in Different Populations of Gynostemma pentagynum Z.P.Wang
LI Zhaoyang;LIU Shibiao;College of Biology and Environmental Science;Jishou University;
Extraction and Determination of Total Flavonoids from Puerarin
ZHAO Yong;College of Life Sciences;Wuhan University;
Activity and Stability Study of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2(ALDH2)Expressed by Prokaryotes
WANG Hehua;PAN Boyu;HUANG Juan;CHEN Xiaoping;WU Yuanxin;Key Laboratory for Green Chemical Process of Ministry of Education/School of Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy;Wuhan Institute of Technology;
Effect of Formaldehyde Fixation on GFP Luminous Characteristics
LIU Di;ZHANG Juyuan;CHEN Wenli;WANG Li;State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology;Huazhong Agricultural University;
Effect of Rare Codon on Prokaryotic Expression of Human RNaseH-Apaf1 Fusion Protein
LAN Hong;KONG Shaofan;LI Shentao;ZHANG Yuxiang;Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;Capital Medical University;Department of Immunology;Capital Medical University;