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Journal of Anhui Vocational College of Metallurgy and Technology

ISSN 1672-9994 
Organizer: an hui ye jin ke ji zhi ye xue yuan  
Publisher: an hui ye jin ke ji zhi ye xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: The direction of the socialist journal publication, for vocational colleges and enterprises, to strengthen vocational education (adult education) theoretical research, efforts to promote research work in the school development, promote the improvement of teaching quality, active academic atmosphere and enhance Schools between the teaching and research, exchange of scientific information. The main columns are: metallurgical and technological exchanges, vocational education research, management studies, humanities and academic research. Welcome in the higher (vocational) education, vocational education work in the majority of teachers, administrators and enterprise engineering and technical personnel actively contribute. Renamed the University is still natural, social General Publications, natural-based. (Translated by machine.)