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Journal of Anhui Normal University(Humanities & Social Sciences)

ISSN 1001-2435 
Organizer: an hui shi fan da xue  
Publisher: an hui shi fan da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Anhui Normal University" (Humanities and Social Sciences) by the head of Education Department of Anhui Province, Anhui Normal University hosted, founded in May 1957, ceased during the Cultural Revolution once, reopened in 1973, has so far published 34 volumes 149. "Anhui Normal University" (Humanities and Social Sciences) adhere to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, comprehensively implement the important thinking of Three Represents, and the scientific concept of development, prosperity and social sciences, to encourage theoretical innovation, discovery and culture talent, fine national traditional culture, the development of international academic exchanges and promote the teaching and research and disciplinary development, to promote the material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization construction for the purpose of forming a History known, rigorous and realistic style, reflecting the Normal characteristics, local characteristics and the characteristics of the times, introduced a number of academic quality, the formation of the scientific development concept, philosophy and hermeneutics, Chinese poetry, the emblem of science, qian Aesthetics, moral and civic morality conditions and other characteristics of columns. Group published a compilation Gadamer, Habermas, Palmer, in Cheng, Zhu Desheng, Wang Yuan-hua, Fu Xuan ensemble, Zhang Jing and other famous scholars, such as articles in academic circles at home and abroad have a greater impact, "China Social Science Digest "," Xinhua Digest "and other publications to be reprinted several times. Hermeneutics, qian Aesthetics Ideas, as part of the Study of high academic quality and were "Xinhua Digest," "of the Study of Communication," the introduction. According to incomplete statistics, between 1978-1995, nearly 20 articles in more than provincial Social Science Research Excellence Award; 1 / 3 of the article is reflected in the secondary literature. Reprinted 1992-1996 average rate of higher learning in the nation 35. In 1998 the number of articles published in the article cited among the nation's No. 25 Liberal Journal. "Anhui Normal University," four times was named Outstanding Social Science Journal of Anhui Province, and was a key provincial journals participated in all national periodicals exhibition. Since 1991, the journal is an authoritative reference book, "International Journal of American Wuli Xi International Periodicals Directory" special section introduction, the information published in income the United States continuously updated information on Burke, the international database of Japan's "History of Japan" and so on. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has been selected as the core of the humanities and social science journals; Ministry of Education (commission chaired Nanjing University) Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) selected journals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Social Sciences, the National Library, Tsinghua University China Academic Journal CD-ROM version of the editorial board identified as Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals. Compiled into the Chinese Academic Journal (CD), China Journal Net, Articles Digital Periodicals, Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database, Taiwan BroadenGate Network (CEPS). September 1999, June 2002 and May 2006 three of the National College of Arts won the hundred appraised the activities of Social Science title. 2000 won the "CAJ-CD specification," Executive Excellence Award. 2004 best of first prize by the Anhui Province. Magazine is a bimonthly, international public offering. Youfadaihao :26-38 domestic and foreign issued at the China International Publishing (Box 399, Beijing), the foreign code: 4586BM, the annual price 48. We welcome readers to subscribe to at home and abroad, Cigao! Current journal editor: Professor Wang Shihua, deputy editor: Lu Guang product pipeline in Wuhu City, Anhui Normal University, Beijing East Road 1, Science & Technology Building, 5th Floor, Block A 241000 0553-3869260 (Philosophy by law, education, foreign language); 3,883,593 (literature, history); 3869521 (Fax) ahsd@Chinajournal.net.cn URL: http://ahsd.chinajournal.net.cn; http://ahsd.gotoread.com national unity ISSN: CN 34-1041 / C International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 1001-2435 Domestic Issue Department: Wuhu City Post Office, code-named issue :26-38 Foreign Office: China International Publishing (Box 399, Beijing) Code: 4586BM Introduction of Journal of Anhui Normal University Journal of Anhui Normal University (Hum. & Soc. Sci.) is an academic publication sponsored by Anhui Normal University and authorized by Educational Bureau of Anhui Province. It was first published in May, 1957 and resumed in 1973 for it was ever stopped during the Cultural Revolution. It has published 150 issues in 35volumes . Guided by Marxism and Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, Three Represents Thought and the Scientific Concept of Develpoment, it aims at promoting humanistic and social sciences, cultivating talents, developing Chinese traditional culture, advancing the teaching research and the subject construction of the university through learning from the achievements created by any other nations and improving both the material and cultural construction. Its rigorous and realistic style is characteristic of the normal university, district and our age. The Journal is unique in its research columns on philosophy, hermeneutics, Chinese poetry, Huizhou culture, aesthetics of Zhu Guangqian and Zong Beihua, psychology and quality-oriented education, and ethics in China and ethics construction. And it has published articles of good quality in these fields, which are highly appreciated by scholars. An incomplete statistics shows that there are about 20 articles awarded excellent achievements in social sciences of Anhui Province or higher ranks and more than one third articles are cited in 1978-1995. It ranks the 35th among journals of social sciences in China in 1992-1996 in terms of citation rate. As for the number of articles cited, it ranks the 25th among all the journals of social sciences in 1998. Journal of Anhui Normal University (edition of Hum. & Soc.Sci.) has been awarded one of the Best 100 Journals of Social Sciences in China three times by the Society of Journals of Humanities and Social Sciences in China, Anhui Excellent Journals of Social Sciences four times by Bureau of Press and Publication of Anhui, the first prize of Excellent Journal of Anhui Universities in 2004 and "Excellence of CAJ-CD Standard in 2000.It has attended every national periodicals exhibition as a key periodical of Anhui Province. It is specially recommended by Ulrichs International Periodicals Directory in America and some information is introduced in The Bowker International Serials Database Update and Journal of Oriental Researches in Japan. It is honored with Nucleus Periodical of Humanities and Social Sciences in China by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Moreover, it is also appointed as sources of citation Index of Chinese Social Sciences (CSSCI) and sources of Comprehensive Evaluation Database of Chinese Academic Periodicals respectively by the Ministry of Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy Social Sciences, National Library, Committees of Chinese Academic Periodical (disc edition) of Tsinghua University. It has landed web of Chinese periodicals (www . Chinajournal. Net. cn), Periodicals in Chinainfo and Chinese Electronic periodical Services. It is a bimonthly journal, issued both at home and abroad. Welcome to your subscriptions and articles! Chief Editor: Wang Shihua Deputy Chief Editor: Lu Guangpin Chinese Postal Issuance Code: 26-38 Overseas Issuer: China International Book Company (PO Box399, Beijing, China) Overseas Postal Issuance Code: 4586BM Yearly Price: 48RMB Address: Editorial Department of Journal of Anhui Normal University, Wuhu 241000, China) Telephone: 86 -0553-3869260; 3883593 E-mail: ahsd @ chinajournal. Net. cn Website: http / / ahsd.chinajournal.net.cn; http://ahsd.gotoread.com National Periodical Number: CN 34-1041 / C International Standard Number: ISSN 1001-2435 (Translated by machine.)