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Journal of Anhui Institute of Architecture & Industry(Natural Science)

ISSN 1006-4540 
Organizer: an hui jian zhu gong ye xue yuan  
Publisher: an hui jian zhu gong ye xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is sponsored by the Anhui Institute of Architecture of the building industry categories based comprehensive academic journal Science. This publication is the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, adhere to the Hundred Flowers policy, adhere to the principle of integrating theory with practice. Major construction projects report research, design, construction, teaching, production and management of creative and practical value of the paper. For the majority of students, alumni and published in peer-to open up new ideas, new achievements garden, and promote academic exchanges, and economic development for the teaching and research services, welcomed the new theory, new perspectives, new insights, there are obvious economic benefits, social benefits of posting journal papers. Open columns, including structural engineering, environmental engineering, construction planning, applied research, engineering design, construction design, computer application, basic science. Covering construction, civil engineering, transportation, water, electrical and mechanical, environmental, planning, earthquake and other engineering theories and applications. (Translated by machine.)