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Oriprobe works closely with corporate and special libraries for years, and has continued to help them achieve research objectives more effectively and efficiently.

A wide array of content is integrated to provide users with quick and easy access to Chinese business, scientific, technical, medical, and legal information: 

• Enhance R&D innovation

Articles/patents/dissertations delivery services are offered, providing users with rapid and easy way to locate their research materials, together with digital content resources; Customized research services help researchers to keep up with the latest development of their interested topics easily.

• Facilitate investment and trade

Users could get deep insight into Chinese business information. Chinese companies and products (English & Chinese version) covers company profiles, products, capitals, revenues, profits, and contact details; Business research reports, with multi-language content, were prepared to summarize, analyze, and predict market trends, product development and other business intelligence in China.

• Get to know China Business Environment

Additional related resources, including Chinese laws and regulations,and journal titles, etc, allow users to quickly get general idea of Chinese legal situation and social issues.